Improve the look and atmosphere of your garden and property at night time and create a safe and accessible environment. Arquiscape design personalized lighting plans which allow you to relax , enjoy and show off the beauty of your garden after dark whilst you entertain.

Lighting can be as minimal as an illuminated pathway or the spotlighting of favourite specimen trees and shrubs. Lighting can also dramatize and accentuate focal points such as trees, pools, fountains and masonry within your garden.


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British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce - Portugal


Arquiscape sets the highest standards for its work and its staff. By maintaining affiliations with professional and business bodies, continual assessment and benchmarking of working practices is possible. Arquiscape is proud to belong to the Institute of Horticulture, the UK governing body of professional landscapers, the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Business Network Algarve.