Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping starts with contouring and preparation of the land ready for the application of topsoil to achieve the
correct levels.

Major features such as pathways, drives, terraces, fences, walls and steps, lakes and banks are then put into place. After this, more ornamental features are constructed such as; rockeries, water features, decking, pergolas and trellis’ using both traditional and modern materials. Once this is complete networks for irrigation and lighting are installed and finally, vital elements such as Soft Landscaping can commence with the laying of lawns and planting.

Walls & Steps

Walls & Steps - Changes in levels can be accommodated to create a feature, using walls and
steps with a choice of stone and planting to enhance them. Walls play an integral part in creating
the shape of a garden, whether retaining walls, terraces, or boundary walls. They are useful to
save space and utilise difficult areas by bringing them into the garden as a functional aspect.


Rockeries - Rockeries are an attractive and informal alternative to stone clad and concrete walls, they offer the opportunity to soften and enhance a both an open terraced garden.

Wood & Pergolas

Wood – Pergolas / Trellis / Decking - Like stone, wood is another valuable material used in
the garden. Features such as planters, pergolas, gazebos, trellis and decking can all be made to a
variety of finishes and styles in keeping with the overall garden design.


Gallery - Please check our gallery and if you need any additional information, contact us .

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Arquiscape sets the highest standards for its work and its staff. By maintaining affiliations with professional and business bodies, continual assessment and benchmarking of working practices is possible. Arquiscape is proud to belong to the Institute of Horticulture, the UK governing body of professional landscapers, the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Business Network Algarve.